Only Donald Trump and those who make their millions from the fossil fuel industry continue to deny climate change is happening and driving our planet to a sudden, watery, chaotic grave. The whole purpose of Deep Adaptation thinking is to look at connecting our practices, individual and societal, to these great challenges we face. We all know, deep down, that recycling isn’t enough. We need to give things up–such as masculinity, fashion, our sense of human exceptionalism, even perhaps our beliefs in human ingenuity. We’ve built resilience at home, and inside our bodies. Now it’s time to restore old practices of living in balance with our world–beginning with soil, and now looking up and around us, to the climate. This episode invites climate engineers, refugees, activists, writers, artists, and those working in environmental roles, to share with us ideas of how we can change our home into a resilient city.

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Details to be confirmed. The podcast for this episode will be released on March 31st 2018.

The walk and event for this podcast will take place on Thursday April 12th 2018.

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