Episode #5: Resilient Heart

Resilient Heart

Episode #5: Resilient Heart

All change is bodily change; that’s the lesson we’re learning from neuroscience. That’s why changing our habits is hard; they become part of who we are, wired into our ways of being. So if we really do need to change how we live and behave – what we consume, how we relate, and who we want to be – then we have to take the inner journey too. For this episode I spoke to a mix of people, including my Phd supervisor, therapist, yoga teacher, and my oldest friend, to help me reflect on the journey into resilience from a time when, back in 2006, I turned my back on climate change because it was too painful to face. I had a long transformation through both bodily and mental change to help me accumulate the tools of self-care to more effectively face up to suffering, and to do my best work in relation to environmental and social justice. Sharing that story is not to make myself the centre of attention but to share one possible way forward and to encourage you to find your way too; or if you’ve already found it, to help others.

Alongside these, I also spoke to Lydia Catterall the artist, Professor Mark Reed and author of the new book The Productive Researcher, and the writer and facilitator of safe spaces, Julia Macintosh, to help us consider the questions and practices we need to ask of ourselves to relinquish bad habits, build resilience in ourselves, to be able to restore our connection with others and a sustainable planet.

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