If we’re going to live in balance with the world, not use more than our fair share of resources, and build more resilient communities, we’re going to have to change how we live at home. In fact, we might even have to challenge what we think a home should be. This episode of the podcast asks you to put on your own performance–in your home. The podcast, a mix of narrative and interviews with artists, zero waste activists, academics, home-dwellers, and home-makers, will ask you to take a tour of your living space, spending time with everything from your food waste to your washing basket, asking if there are better ways to restore a connection with the spaces and places in which we have come to create our homes.

The Podcast is now live

And available via these links:

The Full Interviews

Below are all the interviews conducted that have fed into the making of this podcast. In all, there will be 14, with 20 people (and George the cat and Woodie the dog) contributing to the story of what makes a home, and how to think critically about the spaces in which we live.

Section 1: At Home With…

Section 2: Art, Artists, Domestic Space, Contested Space

Section 3: Studying the Home, Bedrooms, Kitchens and the Future of Housing